To Err is Human – why RPA is more secure (guest blog)


RPA is more secure

A blog by Consulting Director Andrew Burgess, discussing the costs of human error and the benefits of automation

Symphony leader Andrew Burgess, authored a piece in which he explores how simple human error is costing enterprise dearly, and is at the root of 52% of data breach situations that seem to becoming all too frequent.  His suggestion, based on the premise that RPA is more secure than humans for many transactional tasks, is to explore automating the routine and elevating people to do their best work. As Andrew says: “Technology exists today that can replicate the majority of the tasks required to process that loan application. Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ‘digital labor’ is able to carry out the process according to the proper procedure, without distraction, over-zealousness, under-skilling or any discussion in open forums. In other words, by taking out the humans from the process, the opportunities for ‘slips’ and ‘mistakes’ is reduced to almost zero, both in the decision-making stage (through defining the process to the right level of detail in the first place) and the execution stage.”

Better for the enterprise, better for the people.

– See more at:–so-get-robots-to-secure-your-data-2021 

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