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RPA Goal

A blog by co-founders Brain and Barkin, relating lessons from The Goal to the RPA trend

Symphony co-founders David Brain and Ian Barkin, co-author a piece in which they explore how process automation is the catalyst that will drive solution design from one of art, to one of science. They also warn of a future robot Babel situation if deployments are not thoughtfully designed and orchestrated.

The RPA Goal

The article goes on to say: “Eli Goldratt’s book, The Goal, passionately pursued the conversion of ‘art to science’ by addressing constraints in order to unleash business potential. We believe, and have seen, how RPA can be a catalyst for this same ‘art to science’ shift across the enterprise work environment. However, in our work advising clients on their Digital Labor strategies, we have found that far too often, the rigor needed to succeed is not put in place at the very beginning of the journey. By following a modern approach, working with expert advisors and by requiring solution design to be specific and accurate, automation is enabling the adoption of the ‘Future of Work’ and driving a new level of process focus that will color a generation of task design and execution.”

You can read the full article on the Blue Prism website here

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