RPA Technical Insights, Part 7: Selecting the Right Code Structure for Process Design

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An RPA tool’s architecture can often affect usability and the direction of development. Different tools take different approaches to designing and constructing automations. These approaches can have a significant impact on the effectiveness and resilience of the solution and the speed of implementation. Knowing the differences between the two approaches will help you chose the tool that is right for ... Read More

RPA Technical Insights, Part 5: Why Visual and Interface Design Matter

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A Preface on Usability In this chapter of our RPA Technical Insights, we explore the benefits of usability. Usability is measured by how intuitive it is to develop and configure processes, and administer those processes within the RPA tool. We enjoy using software that is simple to use, and RPA tools are no exception. Thus, usability can ultimately help your ... Read More

RPA Technical Insights, Part 1: The Eight Elements of Successful RPA Orchestration

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In the field of robotic process automation (RPA), it is no surprise that many businesses encounter the dilemma of deciding on the ideal toolset. RPA tool features are diverse and abundant, and many leading vendors claim to fit all sizes. After countless RPA projects designing, deploying, testing and orchestrating, Symphony Ventures has come across trends for successful rollout. Taking into ... Read More

Congratulations to Symphony’s Partner, Blue Prism

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Symphony extends hearty congratulations to our partner Blue Prism for their strong first quarter as a public company. Blue Prism joined the London Stock Exchange in March 2016. For the first half of the year they added 33 new enterprise clients, a testament to the need for automation among large companies. Although Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is now being included ... Read More