Founder Chronicle : Symphony Ventures Raises $4.5M (£3.5M) investment from Livingbridge


This four-part series features daily comments from one Symphony Founder on how the funding will accelerate growth. Three years ago, Symphony Founders had a vision that automation would fundamentally change how enterprises operate.  Symphony has since contributed to the digital transformation journeys of the world’s leading enterprises. Today, Symphony Ventures is an organization of 120+ professionals laser-focused on meeting our customer's needs.  With ... Read More

Symphony Raises $4.5 Million in Series A Financing from Livingbridge


Symphony Ventures Founders Walking
Symphony has announced a Series A investment of £3.5 million ($4.5 million) from Livingbridge, a mid-market private equity firm with a strong track record of investing in high growth technology businesses. The funding will further accelerate Symphony’s rapid growth – including a doubling of employee numbers - and continue its global expansion, increase delivery capacity and widen product development.  Symphony ... Read More

RPA in Action: Building Robots Live at SIG

David BrainBlog

During the 2017 SIG Global Summit in Amelia Island, Florida, Symphony was tasked with configuring and deploying a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robot from scratch in front of a live audience of over 400 people. The team was tasked with automating part of Honda’s talent acquisition process within two days. Symphony Co-founder and COO David Brain explains how this unprecedented, ... Read More

Two-Symphony Co-founders Shortlisted for GSA Professional Awards


Two Symphony co-founders have been named in the shortlist of the Global Sourcing Association's (GSA) Professional Awards. Symphony Chief Strategy Officer, Ian Barkin is contending for Automation Champion of the Year, while Chief Client Officer, Pascal Baker is in the running for Digital Champion of the Year. As a widely respected association in the sourcing industry, the GSA is hosting ... Read More

Shifting from Tactical to Strategic RPA: 10 Insights from RPA Experts


Yesterday, in an interactive webinar, Symphony Head of Strategy Ian Barkin and UiPath COO Guy Kirkwood, with IRPA President Raheem Hasan as moderator, discussed the differences between the reality versus the expectations of RPA.. Ian and Guy set out to address organizations at various stages of RPA exploration and implementation. Drawing from their wealth of experience implementing enterprise automation, they ... Read More

Symphony and UiPath to Present Webinar on Tactical vs. Strategic RPA


Symphony Co-founder and Head of Strategy Ian Barkin will be speaking at an upcoming webinar hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA). He will be joined by UiPath COO, Guy Kirkwood, as well as President and Co-founder of IRPA, Raheem Hasan. The event, titled ‘Moving from Tactical RPA to Strategic RPA’ will explore how industry experts are making ... Read More

Symphony’s Ian Barkin to Speak about RPA’s Impact on Enterprises at IAOP Meeting


Symphony is excited to have Co-founder and Head of Strategy Ian Barkin speaking at the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) NorCal Chapter meeting. The four-hour session titled “Robotic Process Automation, Vision to Reality and the Impacts it Will Have on the Enterprise,” takes place on November 3rd in Palo Alto, California.  According to the event page, following presentations by ... Read More

Is RPA the Tool of Old Plant Managers Who Haven’t Died Yet?


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting an automation panel at the Chicago OAISS event, hosted by IRPA. On the panel were David Brain from Symphony Ventures, A.J. Hanna from Ascension Health Ministry Service Center, and Adam Devine from WorkFusion. To these distinguished panelists, I posed the following question: “Is Robotic Process Automation the tool of old ... Read More

What is in Store for the Future of Work? 5 Takeaways on R-BPO


Last Friday, Symphony CEO David Poole, and Head of Strategy Ian Barkin got together with Phil Fersht of HfS Research and Johnny Ramondino of ADP for a fascinating discussion on the advent of Robotic Business Process Outsourcing (R-BPO) and it’s potential. As a main component of R-BPO, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as the go-to automation technology in today’s toolkit. ... Read More

Symphony to Discuss Advent of Robotic BPO with ADP and HfS during Upcoming Webinar


CEO David Poole and Head of Strategy Ian Barkin to join HfS and ADP to address how enterprises capitalize on the opportunities enabled by robotic BPO (R-BPO) Symphony will be hosting a live webinar with Horses for Sources (HfS) on the emergence of robotics in the business process outsourcing (BPO) market this Friday, July 15 at 10:00 AM EDT. The ... Read More