Do You Know Your Business Like the Back of Your Hand?

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If you asked both an executive and an associate what their company does you might receive surprisingly different answers. Executives, understandably, often have limited knowledge of the every-day business processes, (for example it is not a CEO’s job to know how many reports are run per day), but this gap in knowledge could be costing your business. The Key Assessment ... Read More

Are You Prepared for the Future of Work?

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The Future of Work is here. Due to the rate of technological growth, there are more opportunities than ever for fast, accurate, and agile services. The global market is becoming increasingly fond of the digital landscape, requiring businesses to act with foresight and innovation to meet customer expectations. Have you prepared to embrace the world of digital transformation? It is ... Read More

Two-Symphony Co-founders Shortlisted for GSA Professional Awards

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Two Symphony co-founders have been named in the shortlist of the Global Sourcing Association's (GSA) Professional Awards. Symphony Chief Strategy Officer, Ian Barkin is contending for Automation Champion of the Year, while Chief Client Officer, Pascal Baker is in the running for Digital Champion of the Year. As a widely respected association in the sourcing industry, the GSA is hosting ... Read More

RPA Technical Insights, Part 21: Transformation Begins With Education, A Guide to RPA Training Documentation

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When choosing which RPA tool to employ, the maturity of the vendor’s support and training services should contribute to your decision-making process. Vendors strive to make their products powerful yet accessible, often supplementing training material and additional assistance to ease the transition to RPA. If you are new to this technology, this material can prove to be invaluable in getting ... Read More

Symphony Celebrates Two Years Transforming Enterprise Operations with Bold Vision for 2017

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As demand for next-generation automation soars, Symphony experiences rapid momentum marked by employee and geographic growth, as well as high-profile accolades Symphony, a professional services firm dedicated to helping enterprises transform their digital operations to leverage the latest robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and resourcing solutions, today announced that it has added more than 20 customers - including ... Read More

What is RPA? A Guide to Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a critical component of the ‘Future of Work’ toolkit. If you’re new to the concept of Robotic Process Automation you may be wondering what the term actually means. We’ve created this blog post to help you understand RPA and learn about the many ways it can add value in your enterprise. By the end of this article, ... Read More

Symphony Recognized as Strongest Intelligent Automation Pure-Play

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According to HfS Research’s latest Blueprint Report, Symphony was ranked the best among providers who focus solely on Intelligent Automation (IA). The 2016 Intelligent Automation Blueprint ranks 20+ providers on both innovation and execution of RPA and AI within the shared services, outsourcing, and procurement services industries. It aims to capture the degree to which providers are innovating the new Intelligent ... Read More

Symphony’s David Poole to Present at HfS Buyer’s Summit: Cognition

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New York Skyline
Symphony is proud to have CEO David Poole speaking at the HfS Buyer’s Summit this upcoming week. The event, titled Cognition:Welcome to the Future of Services, will be taking place from September 14-16 in White Plains, New York. Attendees can expect to be immersed in discussions on the present and future business trends such as automation, design thinking, and security ... Read More

Is RPA the Tool of Old Plant Managers Who Haven’t Died Yet?

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting an automation panel at the Chicago OAISS event, hosted by IRPA. On the panel were David Brain from Symphony Ventures, A.J. Hanna from Ascension Health Ministry Service Center, and Adam Devine from WorkFusion. To these distinguished panelists, I posed the following question: “Is Robotic Process Automation the tool of old ... Read More

RPA Software Selection – making an informed decision

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RPA Software selection
Heading up the leading transformation consultancy focussed on future of work technologies allows me a unique insight into the market for RPA software selection.  At Symphony Ventures we answer many questions for our clients: How should I set up an RPA centre of excellence? How can I benefit from RPA when I’ve already outsourced my processes? How do I integrate RPA ... Read More

Symphony helps develop an NOA RPA qualification

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NOA RPA Qualification
Because Robotic Process Automation is set to have such a big impact on the outsourcing sector, it makes sense that the National Outsourcing Association is looking very closely at how it can help buyers and providers better understand the benefits and risks involved. One of the ways they are doing this is by creating an NOA RPA qualification, which will help ... Read More

Wake Up to the Future of Work – 5 insights for process innovation

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automation process innovators
Hardly a day passes without some new and significant news related to Artificial Intelligence or Robotic Process Automation. Decision makers in large and small organisations alike are bombarded with technology discussions and predictions about what might or might not happen at the hands of these emerging trends. There are blogs, webcasts, new associations and institutions popping up everywhere as the ... Read More

Symphony at IRPA

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Symphony are proud to be sponsoring both of the Institute of Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) events this year. We will be at both the New York event on the 3rd December and in London on the 8th. As IRPA describe it: "In 2014, RPA research was the focus, 2015 has been and will continue to be all about RPA readiness. ... Read More

PostCapitalism – Paul Mason

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This book, by the Guardian’s Economics Editor Paul Mason, first appealed to me because it offered a new post-capitalist economic model where technology and automation are the primary drivers of change. Much has been written about how automation, robots and AI will decimate the world of work, so a book on how these technologies were a force for good is ... Read More

An executive’s checklist for RPA or Where to start when you’re considering an RPA strategy

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Checklist for RPA
For years, companies have been looking for ways to reduce the cost and burden of routine and repetitive tasks. Many turned to outsourcing and offshoring as a way to accomplish this goal, but outsourcing comes with a whole new set of issues: political, economic and cultural. Luckily, robotic process automation (RPA) has emerged as a new technology to help free ... Read More

Why your mum was wrong when she taught you that ‘compromise is best’

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Future of Work
For many years I have believed that we are entering the age of the ‘Super Supplier’ or the ‘One Stop Shop’. I have sat through too many presentations where global software and services firms have presented their integrated service oriented platform aspirations,where the seamlessly integrated firm would promise so much more than the sum of the parts. Yet, we continue ... Read More

What is Digital Labor?

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Digital Labor
Many executives are considering adoption of digital labor, also known as robotic process automation or RPA. RPA is a catalyst for business transformation, and it will touch every aspect of the business, including: The business’s ability to meet its goals The customer experience when interacting with the brand Employee satisfaction and engagement Here’s how digital labor is creating the future ... Read More


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Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies By Nick Bostrom Nick Bostrom’s book is a comprehensive assessment of the risk of ‘super intelligence’ and what the human race will need to do in order to avert global disaster. Super-intelligence is used here in its broadest sense - it is not limited to artificial intelligence but includes (and defines) different outcomes such as whole ... Read More

Rise of the Robots

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Rise of the Robots
Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future By Martin Ford Martin Ford has done it again.  For those who’ve read his 2006 work, “The Lights in the Tunnel”, you will know that Martin was years ahead of others in discussing the collective landscape of work automation technologies (RPA, Machine Learning, AI), and the potential impacts ... Read More

5 Reasons Not to Use BPO to Automate Your Business Processes (Part 2)

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Reasons Not to Use BPO
In my first blog (5 Reasons Not to Use BPO for RPA (Part 1)) I suggested that the BPO industry is staring into the headlights of the emerging “as a service” economy and that the industry as we know it is approaching 20 years old but has never been faced with so many opportunities or threats.  I also covered three reasons why ... Read More