Symphony Ventures Raises $4.5M (£3.5M) Investment

Founder Chronicle: David Poole, Chief Executive Officer

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This transaction represents a significant landmark in the development of the process automation market.  Symphony Ventures is unique in that it has rapidly achieved greater global scale and reach than it’s fellow pure play service providers. We have succeeded in delivering to some of the world's most significant organisations and are able to compete favourably in a market full of much larger general management consultancies due to our focus and specialisation.  Our team members are ... Read More

Founder Chronicle : Symphony Ventures Raises $4.5M (£3.5M) investment from Livingbridge

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This four-part series features daily comments from one Symphony Founder on how the funding will accelerate growth. Three years ago, Symphony Founders had a vision that automation would fundamentally change how enterprises operate.  Symphony has since contributed to the digital transformation journeys of the world’s leading enterprises. Today, Symphony Ventures is an organization of 120+ professionals laser-focused on meeting our customer's needs.  With ... Read More

Symphony Raises $4.5 Million in Series A Financing from Livingbridge

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Symphony Ventures Founders Walking
Symphony has announced a Series A investment of £3.5 million ($4.5 million) from Livingbridge, a mid-market private equity firm with a strong track record of investing in high growth technology businesses. The funding will further accelerate Symphony’s rapid growth – including a doubling of employee numbers - and continue its global expansion, increase delivery capacity and widen product development.  Symphony ... Read More

What’s Next for Robotic Process Automation?

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Recently, HfS CEO Phil Fersht hosted Symphony CEO David Poole, UiPath COO Guy Kirkwood, and Genfour CTO Andrew Rayner for a discussion on what we could expect to see in the automation industry as RPA technology matures. They discussed topics ranging from the fate of BPO providers to the emergence and evolution of Robotic BPO. Here are some tidbits of ... Read More

Symphony & The Hackett Group Announce Global Partnership to Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation

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Symphony and The Hackett Group have announced a global partnership that will enable enterprise digital transformation by integrating The Hackett Group’s best practices and research data with Symphony’s strategic and technical capabilities in robotics and intelligent automation. The partnership is expected to offer clients the ability to further improve the ROI of their Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation and other ... Read More

Symphony and Celaton Announce Global Partnership

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Symphony and Celaton announced a global partnership to offer enterprises an end-to-end solution for implementing and managing core automation processes. Celaton, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) software company, will join Symphony’s Digital Ecosystem, a platform that enables customers to construct comprehensive automation solutions using best-in-class tools and methodologies. Celaton's proprietary solution, inSTREAM™, applies sophisticated algorithms, including artificial intelligence and ... Read More

Symphony Recognized as Strongest Intelligent Automation Pure-Play

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According to HfS Research’s latest Blueprint Report, Symphony was ranked the best among providers who focus solely on Intelligent Automation (IA). The 2016 Intelligent Automation Blueprint ranks 20+ providers on both innovation and execution of RPA and AI within the shared services, outsourcing, and procurement services industries. It aims to capture the degree to which providers are innovating the new Intelligent ... Read More

Symphony’s David Poole to Present at HfS Buyer’s Summit: Cognition

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New York Skyline
Symphony is proud to have CEO David Poole speaking at the HfS Buyer’s Summit this upcoming week. The event, titled Cognition:Welcome to the Future of Services, will be taking place from September 14-16 in White Plains, New York. Attendees can expect to be immersed in discussions on the present and future business trends such as automation, design thinking, and security ... Read More

What is in Store for the Future of Work? 5 Takeaways on R-BPO

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Last Friday, Symphony CEO David Poole, and Head of Strategy Ian Barkin got together with Phil Fersht of HfS Research and Johnny Ramondino of ADP for a fascinating discussion on the advent of Robotic Business Process Outsourcing (R-BPO) and it’s potential. As a main component of R-BPO, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as the go-to automation technology in today’s toolkit. ... Read More

The Emerging Opportunities for Automating Enterprise Businesses

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Symphony's CEO David Poole, who previously led multi-billion dollar outsourcing and shared-services firms, was recently interviewed by our partner, UiPath, as part of their Innovator Interview Series. David's thought-provoking interview addresses the most important facets of the automation landscape and where companies are going. Here are a few highlights: David begins with how his extensive BPO and shared services background ... Read More

Krakow Set To Become Near-Shore Automation Capital

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Krakow Automation
It’s always a pleasure to visit the beautiful city of Krakow.  An historic and ancient city but surprisingly vibrant and youthful.   I have seen many changes over the past 20 years that I have known this city.  When I first visited, Krakow was a dreary and dark city still languishing in its post-Soviet misery.  Little did it know that it ... Read More

RPA Software Selection – making an informed decision

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RPA Software selection
Heading up the leading transformation consultancy focussed on future of work technologies allows me a unique insight into the market for RPA software selection.  At Symphony Ventures we answer many questions for our clients: How should I set up an RPA centre of excellence? How can I benefit from RPA when I’ve already outsourced my processes? How do I integrate RPA ... Read More

Wake Up to the Future of Work – 5 insights for process innovation

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automation process innovators
Hardly a day passes without some new and significant news related to Artificial Intelligence or Robotic Process Automation. Decision makers in large and small organisations alike are bombarded with technology discussions and predictions about what might or might not happen at the hands of these emerging trends. There are blogs, webcasts, new associations and institutions popping up everywhere as the ... Read More