Symphony Announced as Authorized Blue Prism Training Partner

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Symphony, the world leader in enterprise digital transformation, today announced it has been certified as a global training partner of Blue Prism. As the largest robotic process automation (RPA) pureplay specialist, Symphony is deeply experienced at training and developing best-in-class Blue Prism design and configuration talent, and uniquely qualified to help enterprises nurture their own RPA consultants to excel as ... Read More

RPA in Action: Building Robots Live at SIG

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During the 2017 SIG Global Summit in Amelia Island, Florida, Symphony was tasked with configuring and deploying a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) robot from scratch in front of a live audience of over 400 people. The team was tasked with automating part of Honda’s talent acquisition process within two days. Symphony Co-founder and COO David Brain explains how this unprecedented, ... Read More

Symphony the Largest RPA Pure Play Certified as Blue Prism Partner

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The first partner to experience 100 percent employee first-time pass rate, well positioned to spearhead future of work by providing RPA capability and delivery. Symphony, the global leader in enterprise digital transformation, is honored to announce it has been certified as a Blue Prism partner. This certification is a testament to Symphony's unparalleled experience building scalable, resilient Blue Prism-enabled robotic ... Read More

Symphony to Present SIG Summit Keynote Session on RPA in Action

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You've heard of RPA, but do you know what it actually takes to bring a robot to life and apply it to a common procurement task? At the upcoming SIG Summit occurring from March 13th-16th at Amelia Island, Florida, Symphony will present the keynote session, RPA in Action: Your Robot Recruits Revealed. Leading RPA pure play Symphony will work with SIG members ... Read More

Congratulations to Symphony’s Partner, Blue Prism

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Symphony extends hearty congratulations to our partner Blue Prism for their strong first quarter as a public company. Blue Prism joined the London Stock Exchange in March 2016. For the first half of the year they added 33 new enterprise clients, a testament to the need for automation among large companies. Although Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is now being included ... Read More

Blue Prism and Symphony to Lead Workshop on RPA in Shared Services Landscape

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Symphony will be co-hosting a pre-conference workshop with Blue Prism at Fleming’s Shared Services Conference on February 17th in Budapest. Alex Bentley, head of automation strategy at Blue Prism, and David Brain, co-founder and COO of Symphony, will discuss the capabilities of RPA in shared services, provide detail on how it can be put into practice and help attendees build ... Read More