Symphony Ventures Raises $4.5M (£3.5M) Investment

Founder Chronicle: Pascal Baker, Chief Client Officer

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Symphony Ventures' Chief Client Officer, Pascal Baker

Symphony Ventures has grown from being a four-person start-up in Summer 2014 to being regarded as the Leading Global pure play in Intelligent Automation in 2017. In three short years, we have demonstrated to our clients that we can take our vision of digital transformation into reality and deliver significant benefits in their Future of Work journeys. Our growth trajectory would not have been possible without the support and commitment of our customers. We are eternally thankful for the faith they have placed in Symphony then and now.

Throughout the funding process we have been continually complimented for the quality and depth of our customer relationships and I would especially like to thank all of our customers who vouched for Symphony during the due diligence phases. Symphony scored an average of 9/10 for the quality of our customer relationships and I am particularly proud of the market perception of our company as industry leaders and technological experts.

The next stage of Symphony will see us continue to grow rapidly whilst delivering high-quality and high-value digital transformation across our customer base. I look forward to expanding our service offerings and continuing to work with our clients to enable the Future of Work.

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