We enable client success by designing, implementing and managing Digital Operations that drive transformative results.

Process Enablement

Enable process targeting across a business area. Discover processes and activities that are ready in their current state to be automated and can move quickly into an implementation.

Process Optimization

Identify opportunities for improvement where digitally enabled processes and associated changes to the operating model can deliver differentiated value.

Workforce Enablement

Adopt, integrate, and realize value from a virtual workforce working in harmony with their people.

CoE Build & Design

Design and support the development of a Centre of Excellence – covering org design, recruitment support and technology onboarding.

Value Realization

Enable tangible and measurable benefits by creating a framework for ongoing reporting and aligning tracked KPIs with business strategy.

Capability Assessment

Benchmark your automation program’s current progress against best-practice and understand areas that might impact future success; offering recommendations for realignment or recalibration.

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Technology Implementation

Flexible global delivery models allow for full lifecycle implementation utilizing Symphony’s proven approach for designing, building and deploying automation, ensuring scale, security, speed and best-practice are all embedded into the program from the start. Our approach toward process insight employs Process Mining to reveal high value targets.

Technical Training

Comprehensive technical training helps organizations upskill and retain employees to further explore Intelligent Automation opportunities for sustained program innovation, growth and results. Successful knowledge transfer empowers the development of internal capabilities required for maintaining a successful CoE driving sustainable performance and lasting benefits.

Upgrades & Patches

Proper management and oversight of major upgrades and releases across various Intelligent Automation technologies ensures security is embedded, downtime is minimized, processes are optimized and fully operational post-release.

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Monitoring & Reporting

This always-on process instills confidence that all automations are functioning and fully optimized.

  • Track day-to-day automation success​
  • Receive automated alerts to immediately react to issues​
  • Feed the continuous improvement cycle​ with comprehensive data analysis
  • Ensure clear and effective dashboard reporting and effective dialogue with bespoke client reporting and communication plans

Incident Management

A fully integrated incident management solution allowing for all incidents to be registered, tracked and reported on effectively. ​

Continuous Improvement

Covering automation enhancements, mandatory updates to accommodate application patches/upgrades in addition to improvements born out of client request or data analysis.​

Automation Platform Support

Our Infrastructure Team monitors and maintains the Automation Platform, covering all interdependencies between data storage, machines, applications and users (both human and robots).

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