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RPA Software Selection – making an informed decision

Heading up the leading transformation consultancy focussed on future of work technologies allows me a unique insight into the market for RPA software selection.  At Symphony Ventures we answer many questions for our clients:

  • How should I set up an RPA centre of excellence?
  • How can I benefit from RPA when I’ve already outsourced my processes?
  • How do I integrate RPA into our process stack?
  • Can RPA drive efficiency in my call centres?

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RPA and AI – the same but different

For a conference run by the Institute of Robotic Process Automation (IRPA), there sure was a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, most of that talk only seemed to confuse people about this latest, and most-hyped of, technologies. There were frameworks presented which showed RPA and AI as a ‘continuum’, there were models that seemed to suggest that there was a natural ‘journey’ from RPA to AI, whilst others talked about AI being a ‘must have’ if RPA was to realise its full value. Some presenters talked about a ‘choice’ between RPA or AI. None of which really helped educate the conference attendees on the benefits of either technology. Let’s unravel each of these points so that everyone can be clear on the relationship between RPA and AI.

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Wake Up to the Future of Work – 5 insights for process innovation

Hardly a day passes without some new and significant news related to Artificial Intelligence or Robotic Process Automation. Decision makers in large and small organisations alike are bombarded with technology discussions and predictions about what might or might not happen at the hands of these emerging trends. There are blogs, webcasts, new associations and institutions popping up everywhere as the hype is exploding on this unsuspecting market. The question is where can one find reliable well researched information on process innovation among this morass of data?

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