Symphony Expands Services, Opens Robot Spa and Hair Salon


In an unprecedented move, that is clearly the first of its kind, Symphony has opened a spa and hair salon, catering exclusively to robots performing complex process automation.

This service will be a dramatic, and some say ill-conceived, addition to the existing catalog of services offered by the Symphony Robotic Operating Center (ROC), located in Krakow, Poland.  The ROC was set up three years ago, to offer Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments Symphony developed for its global clientele.  Over time, the catalog of services has expanded to include the support of RPA configurations developed by clients, and real-time monitoring and dashboards able to inform strategic business analysis and decision making.

Robotic Operating Center Salon

In keeping with Symphony’s constant pursuit to add value and be a true transformation partner to its clients, a survey was conducted in late 2016.

“We thought, why are we only asking our clients what they want?  We should also ask the robots what they may want.  In retrospect, this was a terrible idea.  I’m not sure exactly whose idea it was, but I most certainly blame them for this,” said Ian Barkin, Chief Strategy Officer (and definitely not the person who suggested asking the robots for their opinion).

As a result of the first-of-its-kind Customer & Robot Satisfaction Survey, a few key findings surfaced.  First, clients saw great value in a centralized specialist team monitoring their enterprise automations – especially as they expand their digital toolkit of automation technologies in their operation.  Second, and much more surprisingly, the robots wanted backrubs.

Robotic Operating Center Massage

Head of ROC delivers TLC to robotic patron.

“We’ve always been committed to keeping the robots under our care healthy and functioning well.  But, this is a bit absurd.  And frankly, I regret asking them how else we could help,” said Lukasz Gargasz, Head of the Poland ROC.  “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go give a particularly complex HR robot a particularly long back massage.  My hands are killing me.”

And, it doesn’t stop at back rubs.  The robots queried spanned across a wide swath of industries and functions.  Symphony’s sample set included RPA bots in Healthcare, Banking, Logistics, Entertainment, Beverages and more.  These bots are busy performing functions for HR, F&A, Logistics and Procurement.  No matter what the industry or function, the consensus was clear – the RPA bots wanted facials, hair care, nail care, and something called ‘bot-scaping’.

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  This certainly wasn’t it.  I’m hoping we can justify this by showing greater bot efficiency.  But, at this point, all I’m seeing is an increase in costs on shampoo, motor oil, and nail polish.  I didn’t sign up for this,” said David Brain, COO.

A mistake or not, Symphony seems committed to following through on its promise.  Job openings for a Gear Stylist, Neural Nail Care Specialist, Cognitive Alignment Technician, and Bot-Scaper can now be found on the Symphony website.  Plans are also in the works to open other ROCs in new regions as soon as this summer.

“I’m used to supporting clients and designing solutions that add value, but come on.  Are we serious?” asked Chief Client Officer, Pascal Baker.  Adding, “what on Earth is ‘bot-scaping?!?”


If enterprises are interested in scheduling an appointment for their tired and weary bots, they should contact There are apparently also ROC TLC packages, and for that special digital someone, gift cards and spa getaways.

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