Symphony helps develop an NOA RPA qualification

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NOA RPA Qualification

Because Robotic Process Automation is set to have such a big impact on the outsourcing sector, it makes sense that the National Outsourcing Association is looking very closely at how it can help buyers and providers better understand the benefits and risks involved.

One of the ways they are doing this is by creating an NOA RPA qualification, which will help guide middle and senior managers as they build their automation capability.

As a Council Member, I have been working closely with the NOA to shape and drive that qualification. This culminated in a session last week that gathered together the great and good of the RPA world (including vendors, advisors and buyers) to create the assessment framework for the course.

Symphony Ventures are pleased to be supporting the NOA in this work. As established advisors in this space, we see the qualification as an important step to providing ‘informed clients’ i.e. those that know what they are buying and are able to work closely with consultants to achieve successful outcomes.

The qualification will be formally launched at the IRPA Automation Innovation London Conference on the 8th December. It is hoped that the qualification will be ready before the end of the year and the first owners of a ‘Certificate in Strategic Process Automation’ will follow soon after.

If you’d like to find out more about the course and how to register then please contact either myself or Chris Halward at the NOA.

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