Symphony and UiPath to Present Webinar on Tactical vs. Strategic RPA


Symphony Co-founder and Head of Strategy Ian Barkin will be speaking at an upcoming webinar hosted by the Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA). He will be joined by UiPath COO, Guy Kirkwood, as well as President and Co-founder of IRPA, Raheem Hasan. The event, titled ‘Moving from Tactical RPA to Strategic RPA’ will explore how industry experts are making the most out of RPA in current deployments and how they are using it to prepare for the future.

The shift from a tactical to strategic approach is a matter of evolving a business’s strategy from specific process needs to strategizing for the future of work. In his 3×1 interview with IRPA, Ian describes why transitioning from RPA tactics to strategy is so important: “You’re missing the forest for the trees however if that’s where your full attention is.  There’s a much bigger transformation afoot…companies need to have a strategy around how to leverage a rich set of tools and work types.”

The webinar will cover the technologies that complement RPA as well as the importance of redesigning the enterprise to benefit from ‘future of work’ technologies. Attendees can expect to learn about the optimal strategies for adopting RPA, as well as the best practices around developing RPA governance in one’s business.

To register for the event and view more details, visit the IRPA event page.

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