HfSReseach Interview: “David Poole, Robo Conductor”


David Poole

Our CEO, David Poole, is interviewed by Phil Fersht, Founder and CEO of HfSReasearch, on trends and dynamics shaping BPO and Shared Services.

One of the many nuances of the business process services world is that the same cast of characters just can’t stay away from the action.  Many of the same mavericks who helped build this business from the early days of transformational consulting, CoEs and shared services, through to lift and shift BPO, virtual captives, and, more recently the hybrid services delivery model, are now hopping aboard the train that encompasses the As-a-Service ideals. In the interview, David relates to what lessons he has learnt from the early days of RPA: “RPA is a significant game changer. So significant in fact, it was clear this was going to be truly disruptive to the BPO market as I knew it. Second, we learned that it’s not as easy as it says on the tin. Doing automation right is as much about the fundamentals like great process redesign, as it is about the ‘robots’. Third, by opening our eyes to creative new ways of working, we discovered there were further opportunities in Crowd Sourcing, Impact Sourcing, Artificial Intelligence and the digital sphere in general. And fourth, we saw the greatest opportunity was in combining these new approaches to create a hybrid solution able to address a client’s end-to-end needs. No one was serving this market so it became just too tempting. I left Sutherland and decided to set about building a new business to address this opportunity.”

You can read the full article on the Horses for Sources website here.

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