Congratulations to Symphony’s Partner, Blue Prism


Symphony extends hearty congratulations to our partner Blue Prism for their strong first quarter as a public company. Blue Prism joined the London Stock Exchange in March 2016. For the first half of the year they added 33 new enterprise clients, a testament to the need for automation among large companies.

Although Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is now being included in the budgets of forward thinking organizations, there is still much hype and confusion about its capabilities. This demonstrates the need for education on what RPA software can do and what business areas benefit the most from it.

“We find there is an important role for us to play in helping educate our clients about the different RPA vendors entering the market and navigating appropriate choices for enterprise deployments of a digital workforce,” said David Brain, co-founder and COO, Symphony, when asked for his thoughts on Blue Prism’s accomplishments. “We have had significant success deploying Blue Prism in very large, regulated industries that require a high level of scalability, security, data integrity, resilience and governance.”

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