FirstGroup’s approach to building an Intelligent Automation Program

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Take a few minutes to listen to Andy Frith of FirstGroup tell James Johnson of Symphony the story of how FirstGroup's ambitious approach to automation resulted in them being shortlisted for the Blue Prism RPA Newcomer Award. Share this PostRecent VideosOn Demand Webinar: Driving Employee Engagement with a Digital WorkforceSeptember 15, 2020On Demand Webinar: Driving Efficiency & Resilience by Leveraging ... Read More

Essilor’s digital recovery response to Covid-19

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Listen as Dane Harris, VP of Business Development at Symphony, and Morey Thompson, Senior Director of Shared Services at Essilor, discuss what digital recovery looks like for some enterprises and one way Essilor Group is overcoming operational challenges in this difficult time. You can learn more about how Symphony thinks enterprises need to go beyond protect and servive in times of Covid-19 here.

¿Qué es FOWA (Future of Work Accelerator)?

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Arnold Shiemann VP para Latinoamérica y Gabriela González Manager en México, explican qué es el Future of Work Accelerator, cuáles son los principales objetivos y aplicaciones para determinar por donde comenzar la implementación de proyectos RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Purple People

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Ian Barkin discusses what the term “Purple People” (created by author Tom Davenport) means in regards to RPA in this new episode of Symphony TV.