Brain & Barkin Published in Professional Outsourcing – Talk Art-to-Science thanks to RPA


Art-to-Science thanks to RPA

Symphony’s David Brain and Ian Barkin were published in Professional Outsourcing, where they discuss Art-to-Science thanks to RPA.

As they discuss in the piece: “In assessing shared services and outsourcing (SS&O) operations, it’s evident that today’s most significant constraints relate to process and technology. Process constraints include poorly built workflows, undefined business logic or procedural heterogeneity due to an acquisition, rapid growth or lack of a process design mindset. Technology constraints may include inefficient tools or disparate, incommunicative legacy and homegrown systems. We see Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a solution to these constraints.”

Art-to-Science thanks to RPA

The pair go on to say that “RPA presents a huge opportunity for the SS&O community. Just as business process outsourcers and shared service center providers have evolved to address high labor costs (via arbitrage), inefficient processes (via continuous improvement), and lack of a holistic system understanding (via analytics), they will deploy RPA to overcome process and technology constraints. If done properly, they will be able to deliver seamless process execution and great innovation that will propel a new and improved generation of work.”

You can read the full article on the Professional Outsourcing Magazine website here.

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