The Symphony management team is an experienced group of executives known for being champions of innovation. They are the most respected and referenced (non-academic) experts in the ‘future of work’.

The management team founded Symphony in order to help enterprises achieve positive change by leveraging an exciting and disruptive Digital Ecosystem of tools and inspired delivery models.

David Poole

Co-founder and CEO

David is an industry visionary with over 20 years as a corporate executive, running multi-billion dollar outsourcing and services firms. He has grown global businesses, built industry leading sales and operations teams, and spearheaded innovation across the industry in areas including platform-based BPO, supply chain BPO, cloud-based services, and user experience. David’s priorities at Symphony are to develop a world-class team and to work closely with client leadership to help them leverage Symphony’s Digital Ecosystem of automation partners and other inspired delivery models to compete in a digital world.
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Pascal Baker

Co-founder and Chief Client Officer

Pascal is an accomplished enterprise sales and business development leader. He has excelled at growing both start-ups and global firms and has led some of the largest and most creative BPO deals in Europe. Pascal’s charge at Symphony is creating growth in new markets, geographies and service lines through strategic contracts, partnerships and acquisitions. He is focused on empowering a world-class sales organization to deliver on the promise of ‘orchestrating the world’s work’ to leading global organizations.
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David Brain

Co-founder and COO

David is a process and automation expert.  He has designed and led billion pound outsourcing deals, developed BPO product suites, and built industry-leading Incubation Labs.   Most recently, David has gained recognition as the pre-eminent expert in Robotic Process Automation, building BPO’s most recognized capability in the field. David’s mission at Symphony is to ensure flawless solution design and execution, providing clients with the innovation journey they have long sought.
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Ian Barkin

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Ian is an experienced innovator, and transformation leader.  He has built several industry leading Innovation Labs and has been at the forefront of trends including Internet of Things, supply chain BPO, Robotic Process Automation, and User Experience Design.  Ian’s focus at Symphony is to design digital operations strategies, incorporating the Symphony Digital Ecosystem of partners, and future-proof delivery models including Robotic BPO (R-BPO), Managed Centers of Excellence (M-COE), and Digital Design thinking.
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Martha Crow

Head of Business Development, Americas

Martha has extensive experience working with large global enterprises to improve operational agility by leveraging technology, automation and innovative sourcing strategies to achieve corporate goals. Over the past 15 years she has led sales teams and managed delivery centers around the globe.  At Symphony, Martha is leading a team that works with clients, across industries, to effectively implement leading automation tools, to complement their overall sourcing strategy, improve customer experience and drive new revenue.

Jeremy Whitlock

Finance Director

Jeremy is a finance and accounting executive with extensive expertise in budgetary planning, financial reporting and asset acquisition and disposal. Experienced in managing finance divisions and teams navigating dynamic growth and scaling operations to effectively manage expanding accounting policies in support of operational divisions. Jeremy led complex market capitalization projects helping organizations grow revenue and raise funding for listing on the London Stock Exchange. As Finance Director for Symphony, Jeremy is responsible for finance and accounting strategy and works closely with the executive team to guide aggressive growth in support of Symphony’s continued evolution as the premiere Digital Transformation services firm.

Richard Mitchell

Operations Director, EMEA

Richard is a senior leader in business solutions and delivery. Focused on customer and employee experience solutions, from front-end applications through to process improvement and RPA technologies. He has proven track record in all sizes of enterprise, from start-up organizations to large global operations. At Symphony, Richard is responsible for the delivery and expansion of business process services.

Eleas Wilson

Operations Director, Americas

Eleas is a seasoned business transformation professional with experience in developing and delivering performance improvement and automation solutions for clients. He has led global transformation teams responsible for identifying large-scale BPI opportunities and utilizing digital solution levers and automation technologies to drive benefit realization and ultimately achieve desired ROIs. Having spent over 13 years in business process outsourcing, he has developed expertise in several different areas, including finance and accounting (O2C, P2P, R2R), supply chain management, human resource management, and health care. As Operations Director, Eleas is responsible for the collective management of all projects that are delivered to clients in the Americas region.

Lukasz Gargasz

Head of Digital CoE

Lukasz heads the Symphony Digital CoE, based in Krakow, Poland. As head of Poland operations, he is responsible for leading automation technology development, as well as maintaining and supporting automated processes. Lukasz is an accomplished manager experienced in building and growing top performing global organizations oriented toward Business Software Development services. He has extensive expertise in delivering software for the finance and banking sectors and has designed and developed Symphony’s development structure and governance model to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Andrew Preston

Head of Technical Architecture & Delivery Excellence

Andrew is an experienced software developer and architect, having worked in the software industry for much of his career. He also has extensive experience using automation tools, and developing digital operations programs across a variety of sectors including healthcare, insurance, recruitment, HR and payroll. At Symphony, he is responsible for system infrastructure, network operations, and for leading a global delivery excellence organization charged with ensuring world-class design, configuration and support across the entire Symphony client portfolio.