The 2016 RPA State of the Market Survey – win an Apple Watch

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RPA Survey

RPA SurveySymphony has always been about getting things done. Our team were the first to recognize, and then implement, large scale RPA deployments around the world. Which is why we think the messaging around RPA (and AI) needs to change – there is still way too much hype and not enough practical advice being given by the systems integrators, software vendors, journalists and analysts.

Over 2016, we’ll be expounding and sharing our pragmatic advice through articles, conferences, events and tools. As a start, we’d like to get your views on the state of the RPA market. We’ve designed a short survey (20 questions, 10 minutes max) to collect the opinions of business leaders like yourself. All of the questions are below (just keep scrolling down), or you can click on this link to be taken to the survey page. You’ll be given a free summary of the results once these have been collated, and entered into a draw to win an Apple Watch.

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