Symphony is now SYKES Digital Services

We’re thrilled to announce that we are now part of SYKES Digital Services – a digital transformation specialist focused on Automation, Self-Service, Insight, Analytics, and Digital Learning. Read the Press Release.

Redesigned Experiences

Digitize and personalize customer and employee experiences by reengineering core business processes.

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Supercharged Workforce

Reduce costs and bottlenecks by digitizing processes and leveraging an always-on workforce.

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Mobilize data and analytics to drive continuous improvement and deploy automation to augment human interactions.

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Continually improve efficiencies by monitoring and managing human and machine performance.

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The Proven Orchestrator in The Future of Work

Symphony is a pioneer in Intelligent Automation uniquely positioned to reimagine work across the front, middle and back offices. We have unparalleled experience in delivering results at scale.


We shape our clients’ future by combining business insights with a deep understanding of how technology can transform customer and employee experience.


We deliver significant value through a robust methodology and proven expertise with more than 300 successful deployments.

Managed Services

Our team supports and operates processes, technology, and infrastructure as a service, with quality and continuous improvement embedded into all facets of operations.

We deliver results our clients are proud of


Hours returned to the client annually


Reduction in bad debt provision


More work achievable


Reduction in manual work


Increase in capacity per FTE


Identified annualized value back to the business

Browse Client Success Stories

  • Automated 100,000+ transactions monthly
  • Achieved 165% ROI over 3 years
  • Delivered improved strategy for better customer retention
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Power up your Digital Operations

Successful programs continually transform through a combination of human-centered design and technology in four phases.

Redesign customer & employee experiences

Simplify and re-design tools, interfaces and business processes to enhance human interactions and experiences.

  • Focus on creating frictionless human experiences Look to chatbots, ML and AI to create more meaningful and timely interactions.
  • Standardize data flows and create a structure for information flowing across the business.

Supercharge your workforce

Integrate Machine Learning & Assistive Technology (e.g. Co-Bots) to augment your human workforce.

  • Move beyond the quick-wins often found through simplifying and automating processes to the next level of transformation – Human and Machine behavior.
  • Expedite complex decision making through Machine Learning.
  • Deploy digital workers to listen to customer service interactions and offer real-time information.

Create enterprise-wide efficiencies

Leverage a Digital Workforce to automate repetitive, mundane tasks and to drive efficiencies across the business.

  • Deploy digital workers (automation) to handle high-volumes of repetitive work – freeing up your people to focus on more cognitive tasks.
  • Look to tools like RPA and RDA to handle greater volumes of work without additional strain on resources.
  • Use the exhaustive output to quickly analyze performance, flex up or down resources and discover areas for improvements.

Reimagine how work is done

Optimize teams, structures and re-imagine work to continually improve performance.

  • Ensure maximal returns by creating the necessary infrastructure to effectively manage and continually improve.
  • Evaluate program effectiveness and seek to answer the question, “What next?” What tools will improve performance, what is the data indicating about processes, how do we deliver further value to our people and our customers.


HfS delivery of value

GSA digital champion of the year

UiPath regional partner innovator

Blue Prism implementation and best practice leader

We enable business leaders to harness the power of Intelligent Automation.

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