Any organization serious about digital transformation needs to enable internal teams with the skills necessary to make change happen. Work with our expert team to ensure your enterprise is equipped with best-in-class expertise. Symphony Ventures offers a broad range of training courses tailored to organizational needs.

UiPath Tool Training

Developer Advanced Training

Prepares the trainee to take the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification.*

  • Developer Foundations as well as Surface Automation and Exception Management
  • Dedicated cloud-based learning environment
  • Set-up, registration and learning support via dedicated learning management ticketing system and scheduled calls with our RPA experts

Project-Based Training

Scale and train an entire enterprise team with on-site Symphony RPA trainers.

  • Developer Training is a pre-requisite
  • Applied skills learning and real-world project practice

Customized Program

Tailored package designed for an enterprise’s needs and digital operations strategy.

  • Sample program could include Developer Foundations for a team at an on-site classroom

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*While the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification can be taken at any time, UiPath recommends at least 3 months of practical development before sitting for the exam.