RPA Survey

Symphony Ventures are practitioners in Robotic Process Automation. It is in our interest that information about RPA is presented in a clear and informative manner. Partly due to the sector’s newness, but also due to the excesses of marketing hyperbole combined with a smattering of ignorance, much of what is written and published on RPA only serves to confuse and complicate matters. We firmly believe, if this technology is going to realise its full potential, it must be presented to everyone clearly and pragmatically.

We wanted to find out if you agreed with us…

So, during Q1 of 2016 we ran a survey of buyers of RPA. We asked questions on people’s understanding of RPA, how mature they think the technology is, what they think of the messaging they had seen, and, most importantly, what they want from RPA in the future. You can download a summary of the results by completing the short form below and we’ll send a link to you straight away.

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