Align leadership, identify opportunities, and develop the case for change

A Vision Workshop is the first step on the Digital Transformation Journey. It is a 1-2-day planning seminar used to help identify possible areas for automation, align leadership towards a single goal, and help Symphony understand your business processes. This is done by educating a your team on RPA, its history and evolution, its potential within the business, and its current trend within the market. It will also focus on high-potential cases and produce a draft business case that can be quickly realized.

Symphony embraces ‘Future of Work’ technologies for their ability to vastly increase speed and value without sacrificing intimacy. By undergoing the Vision Workshop, you will have access to the full depth and breadth of Symphony’s knowledge and experience. You will enjoy a comprehensive look at your organization and devise a plan to unlock its true potential. The result will be an agile company that will be able to respond to rapid growth as well as significant shifts in the market. Please contact us if you wish to learn more about The Vision Workshop and the rest of RPA Journey.



Discover the art of the possible, build the business case and roadmap.

A Future of Work Assessment (FoWA) follows an estimated six-week timeline and is designed to help develop a key-stroke level understanding of a your processes. Deliverables include maps for the transformation, a target operating model, selection of the most appropriate RPA software, a robust business case, and a clear implementation roadmap.

The FoWA is recommended to all clients due to its ability to provide clear and actionable guidance on digital strategy, by highlighting areas of greatest commercial return, and laying the ground-work for future initiatives. A FoWA examines both the potential impact of RPA and of other digital technologies. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Put the leading RPA, Cognitive and AI tools to work in your organization.

Once the processes have been identified and the project team put in place, it is time to implement. This can be done in a Proof of Concept or a Live Pilot. Following capture, a solution will be designed and configured. Every stage will involve discussions and feedback with your team and subject matter experts. Then, when completed, the solution is tested, to prove the capability of the tool, and to simulate the conditions of a full-scale roll-out.

The Proof of Concept is a good way to test the initial stages of a process solution and observe its effectiveness. With this, you will have the confidence to continue with the solution and take it to the next stage. This will take time, however, which is why at Symphony we recommend the use of Live Pilots. A Pilot offers more rapid business returns as time is not used incrementally testing and scaling solutions. Contact us if you wish to learn about our Implementation service.



Monitor, support and maintain your digital labor for frictionless operations.

Symphony will work with the you to orchestrate, manage, and maintain the deployed solution. We will engage a team within your business to provide training and instruction and a library of documentation compiled during the configuration process. We will also remain in contact to provide advice and on-going support.

This is one of the services that sets Symphony apart. We understand the intricacies of an automation solution and the challenges involved. Therefore, our aim is to not only deliver the best implementation we possibly can, but to enable and educate our clients in these same complexities. This way, a more solid, continuing partnership can be built.



Preferential software licensing and hosting of your virtual workforce.

Symphony is proud of its independence. We are not only a consultation and implementation firm, but we also offer licenses to various other automation tools and options when it comes to hosting the deployed RPA solution. This can either be done on the your business servers, through Symphony’s, or through a trusted third party supplier who provides both support and state-of-the-art data-centers.

With our hosting service, you will have access to data and user management and application delivery, 24/7 support from IT specialists, and full infrastructure deployment. Not only will this allow you to optimize the architecture to meet your current business needs, and therefore deliver the most stable and reliable solution possible, but it will also scale and adapt to meet changes within the industry and any future business requirements.



Grow an internal digital capability with training and best practices

You might find it attractive to develop your own RPA Capability. This is done in two ways: training, and establishing a Center of Excellence. Symphony, a SYKES company, offers training programs to equip enterprise teams, improving internal capabilities through acquisition of knowledge and best practices. More in-depth, a Center of Excellence creates an internal, self-sustaining resource for you to maintain the deployed solution and keep in-step with this rapidly evolving industry.

One of Symphony’s main aims is not only to orchestrate the world’s work, but to future-proof those solutions and enable our clients to grow and evolve in partnership with us as this industry continues to expand. It is as the old proverb: You give a man a fish, you feed him for day; you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Learn more about our enterprise training programs.