Current State

The supply chain and logistics industries have enjoyed a dynamic period of growth, merger and acquisition. Organizations now must continue to evolve, innovate and collaborate to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive markets. Customers have the luxury of being able to choose from several leading organizations, all of whom offer satisfactory levels of service, but the real differentiation comes from those that can deliver consistently high customer experience. In order to build long-term customer loyalty, it is imperative to develop a customer centric organization that enables the end customer to interact in a consistent and seamless manner.

Symphony Capabilities

Manufacturing, order management, supply chain (including customs administration) and transactional finance processes lend themselves extremely well to automation due to the large number of transactions, high levels of process complexity and the sheer number of IT touch points that are required. The Symphony team is renowned for designing and leading large transformation projects to remove waste and automate many of the integration tasks often handled by offshore labor.



  • Focus your best resources on delivering enhanced customer experience
  • Achieve consistent outcomes to every transaction


  • Ensure total data security
  • Enforce compliance with changes in regulation


  • Reduce transaction times
  • Accelerate process administration
  • Allow rapid process redesign to adapt to new techniques


  • Adapt to changes in legislation (e.g. duty and taxes)
  • Provide flexible resourcing in times of high and low demand (e.g. seasonality)
  • Facilitate entry to new markets


  • Allow accurate real-time customer information
  • Leverage automation to keep the customer informed of shipment status
  • Connect complex multi-partner supply chain and incident management tools


  • Remove costs in high transaction areas
  • Reduce cost to serve customers