Current State

The insurance industry is sandwiched between the digital requirements of its retail client base and the mass of aging legacy applications that are fundamental to key processes: Underwriting, Claims Management, Policy Administration. Global competition demands vastly better user experience and an unparalleled pace of change in the regulatory arena. It also requires far greater flexibility than the conventional BPO and Shared Services models can deliver. The large outsourcing players in the insurance market are reluctant to invest in new ways of working, and lack of innovation is stifling the ability to react to customer need.

Symphony Capabilities

To compete in this environment, firms must vigilantly refresh their product mix, leverage new technology platforms and distribution channels, and explore how to exploit new talent, products and markets. Symphony is able to support its clients in the sector by enabling them to stay lean, competitive and resilient in this time of change. Symphony’s services use the latest automation and Artificial Intelligence tools to provide market leading cost performance and customer experience. We achieve this by substantially reducing the number of staff required, enabling the integration of legacy processes and technology, and refocussing our clients’ best talent to meet and exceed customer expectation.



  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhance policy administration accuracy


  • Enable future adherence to global standards
  • Enforce consistent risk management practices and procedures
  • Ensure total data security


  • Accelerate underwriting
  • Facilitate rapid claims resolution


  • Flexibly adapt to changing regulations
  • React to market shifts (e.g. aging population demographics)
  • Create an adaptive workforce to manage demand spikes due to a major insurance event (e.g. earthquake)


  • Capture and analyze full value chain customer analytics
  • Create comprehensive product lifecycle reporting


  • Reduce administration costs
  • Lower cost of retention through advanced customer knowledge