Current State

Few industries are under as much pressure and scrutiny as the healthcare sector, with budgetary pressures and expectations to continue delivering leading edge services via publicly and privately run providers. Healthcare provision, coupled with the continuing advancement of diagnosable (and treatable) illnesses, means that healthcare providers are stretched thinner than ever before. With so much pressure on services, the focus has switched to delivering the right care to the right client in the right way and at the right time. Providers are analyzing their client bases to reduce the provision of unnecessary care, in order to reduce the further drain on budgets and time.

Symphony Capabilities

Working with our healthcare clients, Symphony designs processes and services that provide the best value for money to free up vocational staff to focus on the delivery of care. Automation and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare will inevitably proliferate and contribute in many ways including, assisting diagnoses, providing medical and drug intelligence, and ensuring accurate and high quality coding. Our SAVO methodology selects the best tools to design and implement impactful end-to-end processes, freeing up resources and ultimately providing consistently better care.



  • Ensure complete and correct billing/cross-charging
  • Assist in accurate coding
  • Improve in-plan healthcare provisioning


  • Allow end-to-end auditability of controlled drugs
  • Safeguard accurate information exchange between services (e.g. HIPAA)
  • Enforce data privacy and protected health information security


  • Free providers to focus on judgment-based tasks
  • Accelerate admissions and discharge processes


  • Adapt to emergency spikes in care (e.g. epidemics, outbreaks)
  • Enable flexible healthcare provision via client-centric platforms


  • Offer decision support at provider and payer levels
  • Create full visibility and control of care assets (e.g. oxygen use, controlled drugs, staff, therapy services)


  • Remove administrative burden of clinical staff
  • Drive transactional work through automation