Our Approach

Our approach with Labs is simple: We start with practical, proven tools, such as RPA, and expand outward into more nebulous, non-enterprise ready tools.

The rapid pace at which enterprise technology is evolving and the complexity that occurs when you bring these tools together creates several challenges for enterprises:

How do you see the forest for the trees?

How do you cut through the techno-babble and marketing hype to truly understand what the technology does, and how it solves real

How do you manage the increased complexity of system reliance?

How do you leverage new technology, such as RPA and AI, in combination with legacy systems to give your operations greater autonomy and still enforce robust security protocols to meet
corporate and regulatory requirements?

How do you ensure each tool is providing real value

– and not another cybersecurity risk for your business?

What we do

Labs aims to showcase the best of Symphony, our clients and our partners in a highly experiential and interactive way.

Collaborating with the leading minds in our eco-system of partners, people and clients, Labs offers a blend of virtual and physical space to:

ENVISION the art of the possible and
CHALLENGE the status quo around how work is done, where and by whom.

IDENTIFY and ASSESS different solutions to increasingly complex business challenges.

TOUCH, EXPERIMENT & PROTOTYPE new tools and technologies to understand their

Envision & Challenge

Dive deeply into big business problems and learn solutions to pertinent issues through our network of peers, partners and leading minds in Digital Operations.

Workshops and bespoke events

We are proud to announce that Symphony and Horses for Sources are bringing together the best of our respective worlds to host full-day, interactive Digital Operations & Vision workshops, offering clients a forum to critically think about their Digital Operations journey.

Additionally, Symphony Labs hosts regular, scenario-based workshops exploring real-world themes and challenges (such as GDPR).

Both of these will be a blend of single-client sessions and classroom-based learning.

Contact us to find out more about our workshops and bespoke events.

Identify & Assess

Remove the burden of constantly scanning, evaluating, and managing an increasingly complex network of vendors, partners and technologies.

Research & Thought Leadership

To fuel both workshops and thought leadership, Symphony Labs maintains a regular schedule of research, initiatives and projects – including constant scanning and evaluation of vendors and solution providers.

Whether you need a blast of insight around a topic or theme (e.g. Machine Learning, Blockchain etc), or are seeking to better understand the best technology configuration in your business, Labs can help.

Contact us to learn more about our research agenda.

Touch & Experience

The best way to explore new ideas, tools or ways of thinking is to be involved firsthand. Our interactive moments breathe life into complex or vague concepts, focusing on the practical realities of new ‘solutions.’


Finally, we aim to build highly experiential touchpoints both as a showcase of our work, the work of our clients and the work of our partners. We bring together the community to discuss, debate and share ideas with like-minded people.

Contact us to find out more about our workshops and bespoke events.


WEBINAR: GDPR: The Challenge with Continual Compliance

Meeting Day 1 GDPR requirements is a critical focus for many organizations leading up to 25 May. This webinar explores challenges and offers insights and lessons learned from an esteemed panel of compliance and automation experts…

WORKSHOP: Intelligent Automation and GDPR Compliance

This Workshop examines the concepts of Intelligent Automation with the realities of GDPR. It is highly interactive and offers real demos and discussions on the components of GDPR which can be transformed by automation tools.

MASTERCLASS: An Executive’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

81% of business executives believe AI and machine learning will dramatically affect their businesses within the next four years. Join us to explore what AI means for an enterprise and how to begin your journey…

BLOG: GDPR – Can Automation Enable Continual Compliance?

Within the current GDPR guidance, there are loads of grey areas and questions. Our first question when we set out to create our Intelligent GDPR product, was Can automation enable companies to manage continual GDPR compliance?

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