Introducing Symphony

Symphony is a professional services firm passionate about creating value for the world’s leading organizations by designing, delivering and managing truly modern business processes.

As thought leaders we are redefining the approaches and shaping the technologies that will allow you to unlock the value of your organization.

Who is Symphony?

The Symphony team is an experienced group of practitioners known for being champions of innovation and the implementers of change. We are recognized and respected experts in the technologies and approaches that represent the ‘Future of Work’.

What is Symphony?

Symphony is a consulting, implementation and managed services firm. As experienced practitioners and experts we help large enterprises leverage the latest automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovative resourcing solutions.

Why work with Symphony?

As truly independent consultants, our focus is to guide an enterprise in delivering transformation through automation, AI, crowd and impact sourcing. With extensive experience in Process Consulting and Outsourcing, our team will develop a robust business case that can be rapidly realized.

How do we create value for our clients?

Our SAVO™ Methodology enables us to transform complex challenges into pragmatic and measurable outcomes aligned completely with our clients’ strategic drivers. We significantly improve quality and efficiency while reducing overall cost.

SAVO™ Methodology

SAVO™ is Symphony’s proprietary methodology encapsulating industry-leading consulting, transformation, outsourcing and automation experience.


Redesign and standardize processes to remove waste, improve customer and employee experience, and increase effectiveness.


Utilize the most advanced Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence tools to minimize manual work and free your best resources to focus on higher interest and value work.


Optimize tasks requiring human input and judgment by leveraging impact, crowd, retained or BPO talent. Create scalable on-demand access to a capable and flexible workforce.


Coordinate entire processes with complete end-to-end visibility across multiple work types. Refine and drive improvements with the support of real time analytics and managed services.


Symphony’s service offerings leverage the SAVO™ Methodology to meet the diverse and unique needs of our clients and accelerate speed to value.


Providing the optimal course of innovation with our ‘Future of Work’ toolkit.


Optimizing BPO contracts and Shared Services using automation, AI and creative delivery models.


Standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients to provide rapid innovation during periods of change.

Go Digital

Delivering a consistent and high quality digital customer experience.


Achieving high growth without the linear constraints of traditional labor in remote locations.


Developing ‘Future of Work’ capabilities within our clients to maximize benefits.

Sectors Served

Given the nuances in process, regulation and system complexity within each sector, Symphony has an offering tailored to your business.

Enabling competitive growth while responding to the digital needs of banking clients and delivering rapid outcomes.

Driving value for money in citizen services with sensitivity and the highest levels of security.

Removing administrative overhead to free up healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

Integrating the complex process and technology landscape to enhance customer experience.

Supply Chain and Logistics
Delivering real-time tracking to provide leading edge cost effective solutions for today’s digitally enabled consumers.